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Skype Show

50% OFF

Was $20/Minute

Now Only $10/Minute

How Does It Work?

Video sessions are a great way to get to know each other!

I do Skype shows from 3pm-8pm Monday-Friday! Once you book your time, I'll email you to pick the time and day for our show! Just about anything goes in a private video show. We could just chat, or we could fulfill your dirtiest, wildest fantasies! 

You get to tell me what to wear, what to say, what toy to use and what to do to myself! Or, we can just let things flow naturally!

I have 5 minute and 10 minute slots available, for more time, just book multiple slots. For example, if you'd like a 25 minute show, book two 10 minutes shows and a 5 minute show, etc.

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