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Custom Videos

All custom videos are actually filmed-to-order, just for YOU.  I make sure to show that and and represent that in each and every video. I am open to all ideas and requests but I have listed some strict no’s below that I will not do. 

Feel free to request whatever you want or you can leave it up to me to surprise you!

All requests are answered the same day via email and if your request is approved, your payment link will be sent with your quote.


Some of my most requested customs:

Saying your name

School girl outfit

Foot fetish



Things I will NOT do:

‘Scat’ or piss videos

Race talk

Age play


Prices range from $100-$5,000+

Every video is priced based individually on video type, length, description, wardrobe etc. and a detailed price break down will be sent with your quote.

1 minute solos start at $100 and 1 minute boy/girl videos start at $300

Submit A Custom Video Request!
EXCLUSIVITY OPTION - THIS APPLIES TO BOY/GIRL VIDEOS ONLY. All Solo videos are exclusive.--- Do you want this video to be exclusivly sent to you, and only you? If so, select YES. If you select NO, the video can and will be uploaded, sent and sold to anyone at my disgression and will not be owned exclusivly by you. If you request to have your name said in the video then you must select YES.
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